Friday, March 28, 2008

almost good enough to eat

A little while ago I met a girl, the girl was asking for used (but clean) milk cartons, somewhat strange at the time. The girl turned out to be lovely and we soon became friends. The girl owned up to making soaps in a backyard and was recycling milk cartons as her moulds. We soon bought, and swapped items and I can confidently say will never go back to using your average soap. How could you once cleaning off the daily grind with mixes of; Cedarwood, Orange and Organic red lentils; orange is a sweet, warm, sensuous, radiant oil that is high in Vitamin C and carotene; Peppermint, Rosemary and Organic green clay; which has a cooling action, reducing sunburn and inflammation, the fragrance is uplifting and stimulating; Fennel, Blackpepper clove and Poppyseed, blended together they make this soap ideal for the face and body of a dry and mature type skin, this soap is also great as a shaving bar!
This has been a fortunate relationship for the general public as we now sell it at our store, thats right we're happy to sell it to you- there's enough for everyone to smell fabulous! 
Boasting 100% plant based product, with pure essential oils, and vegan. With nothing nasty like mineral oils, petrochemicals, artificial colours or fragrances. 

The soap was just the starter, there since had been added a Bath Scrub (above) which is made of Organic Brown Sugar and Rice with a fragrance of Rose geranium and Orange; brown rice polishes your body and the sugar acts as a stimulating exfoliant leaving your skin feeling amazingly smooth and revitalised. And below is the range of Body and Bath Oils; Organic Lavender, Rosemary and Orange or Rose Geranium and Orange. Too good! Come in and smell for yourself. 

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