Thursday, August 07, 2008

can you spot the goodness? Issue #2

After a much anticipated wait, the latest issue of CHOPPED is now on sale.
This issue (#2) covers traditional hot rods and customs from Australia and U.S.A in these
feature articles:
* Kustom Nationals
* U.S.A from the vault
* Early Australian Hot Rodders
* Kustom Kulture weekend
* Day of the drags
* Australia from the vault
* How to: Metal flake

For those who haven't heard about this new magazine to hit the stands, it's been put together by three mates who grew up in Central Victoria- otherwise known as the hot rod Capital of Australia.
In the pages they'll show us car shows far and near, include images taken from back when hot rodding was in it's beginning and for all those who love a center fold they've even included one in this pocketful of rodding!

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