Saturday, September 06, 2008

think fathers day

This weekend is time to celebrate the man in your life that perhaps taught you how to drive, hit a ball, draw, play a musical instrument, maybe play chess, to fix your car, help work on a maths problem, get the dog to sit, maybe even mix a cocktail? 
Otherwise, known as Dad, some will be fun, some old, some picky, others new. We have tried hard to put a list together to give everyone some here goes.
Kearnsie: Hello Badge: $25 each
Kearnsie, Souvenier Cufflinks: $125
Sterling Silver and Vintage Teaspoon.
Rewind Coffee/Coco and NYC Mug: Pack $70
Rewind Coffee or Coco individual canisters: $20
New York Ceramic Mug:$25
Small Rhino Gameboy Brooch: $39
Pretzel also available!
Chopped Magazine: $10
Locally produced Hot Rod and Custom Magazine.
Holly Daze: Cushions $90-$130
Screen printed and handmade at Five Boroughs

Mattt Bags:$48-$132
Handmade in Melbourne
Pancake Zoo Brooch: $18 
Resin brooches made in Japan.
So with that headful of information pop in and grab the man a little treat to say- 'thanks'!

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