Sunday, October 19, 2008

sitting pretty

We have had some exciting deliveries this week- makers are getting busy and prepared for the so called silly season!
'Shonah' has delivered some new pretties, leather cut earrings, resin and fabric oval earrings and studs as well as new pendants.

A new range of colours from 'Pancake Zoo'- to brighten up your days with pastels and pinks.
A line of Penguin lamps made their way in store yesterday from 'Make Stuff'- featuring the circa 1970's Floral Wallpaper design in Crimson red and Olive green, as well as the designers original illustration of the Gum leaf in Black. 

Wrapped in recycled packaging came the wonderful 'Kindling Cards' designed and made in Queensland using 100% post consumer recycled papers. With images of whales, chickens, secret gardens and store favorite

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