Thursday, July 02, 2009

Still working on some photos from our holiday, the last stop before leaving was L.A and a highlight was the Peterson Museum, a.k.a, big hall of cars! It was actually fabulous, we saw the Grease Lighting car, the Batmobile, heaps of amazing Presidential cars, the awesome fishbowl AMC Pacer from Wayne's World, crazy concept cars, the entire collection of HotWheels plus much more. Thought I'd share two picks from the day...  ok so the second one isn't really a car but what an (great) idea...The top image was only made as a concept at the time they wanted to suggest how an atomic-powered vehicle might be packaged if the technology existed. There was to be one centrally located wheel, although at low altitudes it was able to hover over land or water! A "protective curtain of energy" around the car would have reportedly made collisions impossible. They say that since the capability to manufacture a small nuclear reactor did not exist at the time it was not to make it on the road. Wow.

We took a walk from Santa Monica to Venice Beach, watched out for the high cut swimsuit clad lifesavers...non to be seen however there was some great shots of surfers.
Why don't our coffee shops look like this?

But by far the most exciting thing is the new addition to our shop, pop in and do step around the corner, we have put all the new goodies around there! Plus for those avid readers the FOURTH, thats right 4th issue of Chopped has finally landed! And more excitingly those who have enjoyed it so much will find that the boys behind it have decided to go quarterly with the publication! Even better!

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renee anne said...

can I just say your shop looks AMAZING! And I cannot wait to visit melbourne so I can come VISIT!


Renee xx