Sunday, September 13, 2009

latest offerings

We have had a fun week receiving goodies from all different makers! Lucky us Christmas early...we have a fresh batch of the wonderful 'Rewind' coffee, including the great gift packs which include a canister of all their roasts and coco. Perfect for brightening up any kitchen.

Oh and we even received a box of goodies from 'Dani M'! Yay, this is exciting, we have a select range of water, espresso and sake cups from her and some decorative vases. Plus, some new pieces from her beautiful range of jewellery, could this girl be more talented?! Faceted studs in sterling and oxidised silver, swoon.

We have received some work from 'Shonah', gorgeous earrings made with resin, tasmanian timbers and fabrics as well as some of her fun brooches and necklaces.

And yesterday we got the latest offering from 'Milly' with a great new range of silver earrings, so pop on by and check out the recent goods.

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captain kk said...

oo-yeah.. that aqua coloured water cup is beautiful.. and if i got one of those, i think i'd have to get the little white sake cup to keep it company... and a pair of those wonky (in a lovely way) silver studs. hmm.. must bookmark this post to come back to :)