Monday, December 22, 2008

...special hours just for you....

First of all we are open Monday 22nd - Wednesday 25th 11am - 6 pm for all the super keen shoppers! So pop by, but for now....more for you to gaze lovingly at....
For the keen entertainer perhaps you could pick up (one of my favorite pressie suggestions) the new table runner from 'Tinker' the beautifully illustrated 'Hungry Girls Cookbook' a 'Holly Daze' journal lovingly printed- blank inside for new recipes! Grab a card as well and perhaps just so they remember to 'keep calm and carry on'  a sweet keyring! Bundle together and everyone will be happy this Christmas! 

Perhaps there is a hard to buy for design queen, and just perhaps a 'Small Rhino' art deco style brooch could be up their alley! Check out there fabulous new designs:
A guy in your life that doesn't need anything but to remember all the great gigs he has been to and digs great graphic design? Try the new independently published 'Hi god people'. Featuring Melbourne music flyers from the late 1970's right up until now! Printed on a fabulous array of coloured papers has created "an un-timelined, in progress, visual and experiential document of Melbourne's underground, indie, rock, noise and live music scene in the words and drawings of those that made, played, booked and saw."
Mum, dad or someone who likes to invest in their interior try one of the stylish lights from 'Make Stuff'. Small place try the 'Penguin' for size, need something to read by maybe then perhaps the 'Wave' is the best option. Allowing for best light and featuring a well sized base for for jewels and books to rest while you are.
And then there is always the 'Tree', choose the design to suit your place and you may be treated to the tree tops this Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

and then it was christmas....

Slow on the postings at the moment- what with christmas trade and all! We are still receiving deliveries from our wonderful crew of makers! We have just taken delivery of a brand new and exclusive range of earrings from 'Red Cloud Design'- kind of kitsch and almost rock they are ready to adorn your ears this christmas with silver, brass, turquoise and sweet planes, hearts, stars, just to give you an idea - but come in and take a closer look!
You know we are HUGE fans of the organic range from 'Ovame Skincare'- this year they have outdone themselves (and us for that matter!) by collecting some of their best products and boxing them up all ready for you to pop in and purchase. Beautifully tied in blue ribbon. x 
And our newest range to arrive comes all the way from West Melbourne- in the form of screen printed table runners, napkins and wonderful teatowels- mmm, what better way to top off your Christmas table.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

time to be merry

Many exciting things have been happening here, namely the FIRST BIRTHDAY(28th November)! Thats right as the saying goes... "time flys when you're having fun" and to sum it up thats what we've been having- fun!
We celebrated quietly with a well deserved bottle of champagne, toasting to the first year out, open in the battle field of retail. So far so good, and a BIG thank you to all the lovely people that have stopped in this year and said 'hello', made purchases and come back for more! 
Christmas window is in- we have a christmas table with hand printed place mats and gift suggestions for you:

A few gift ideas- and more to come. We have also had a few deliveries in the past week or so including some from brand new makers so please pop in and take a look! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We were lucky this week, receiving a delivery from the 3T 'Mattt'- maker of fine bags. With fabrics and prices to suit just about everyone we have a great selection now available. Just a taste of some of the new fabrics.
Durable, commercial upholstery fabrics have been used for part of 'Cloth's' range, which have an organic grid design of overlaid charcoal and black dots. And to bring some warmth there is a striking geometric mesh of white dots on a dyed red background printed on a heavy weight hemp base fabric.
And below handprinted fabric by Tim Growcott, printed on grey denim in a raspberry colour. The design has a large repeat and a varied scale making for really different bags each time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

home made deliveries plus some

Partly from Japan, a little bit from Barcelona and even Australia come the 'Heartcore' fabric pins. In small and large they feature traditional plaids, spots and checks, day of the dead skeletons, florals and why of course hearts. 
Straight from the print room comes a fresh new range of journals, featuring some favorite characters. Made using Moleskine journals, they come with plain, squared or lined paper perfect for taking notes. Buy them individually or make some ones Christmas and purchase the ready-made pack of all three.

it's all a buzz

Yep, well and truly that time of the year now. Sun comes out, then goes away and pours with rain it can only mean one thing...a Melbourne summer?!
Firstly, people close to our hearts are getting ready to burn their books and put the hard yards in painting walls white again to hang work, for drum roll.....graduate shows.
NMIT's Advanced Diploma, Jewellery show; Profile opened on Tuesday night (11th) with a room full of stunning work (and for that matter people). From a group of 28 made up entirely of women the work ranges from contemporary rings and necklaces to ornate silver hair pieces and body jewellery. And what a surprise the Northcote Town Hall exhibition space is- pop in purchase from the display cases or have something made to order- oh, how special! 

Northcote Town Hall, Northcote (on top of the hill) On until 20th November.
Elk pendant by Milly Flemming '08.
VCA, from the 21st - 30th November will see the VCA transform, showing over 1000 works from graduating students. From all departments- Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture and our favorite newbie Spatial Practice...can feel like you've just turned up to a Vice party, but can prove to be well worth the push and shove as there are always outstanding works and names to see, as well as the vast spaces of the VCA.

Margaret Lawrence Gallery- 40 Dodds Street, Southbank.

RMIT- Studio Textiles & Screen Print Design show 'Unfold' opens later this month, 27th November though to 19 December.
As the two courses come together there are over 30 artists to show their work. Again a multitude of processes including, screen printing, weave, knit, tapestry and dying using traditional and contemporary techniques. The Studio Textiles course was one that we did a few years ago now and has lead onto exciting things. We look forward to seeing the work.

Counihan Gallery- 233 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Milk white bottles

New work for Kenji Uranishi is an exciting thing. 
For you who are fond of his cloud dishes and jugs, these bottles follow a similar line, in white porcelain with sparse sharp designs in pastel tones.
All hand made and decorated, there are two sizes in store.
The short one sits about 90 mm tall, while the tall one reaches 130 mm
Come in and check these ones out, they need to be seen up close to fully appreciate.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

sitting pretty

We have had some exciting deliveries this week- makers are getting busy and prepared for the so called silly season!
'Shonah' has delivered some new pretties, leather cut earrings, resin and fabric oval earrings and studs as well as new pendants.

A new range of colours from 'Pancake Zoo'- to brighten up your days with pastels and pinks.
A line of Penguin lamps made their way in store yesterday from 'Make Stuff'- featuring the circa 1970's Floral Wallpaper design in Crimson red and Olive green, as well as the designers original illustration of the Gum leaf in Black. 

Wrapped in recycled packaging came the wonderful 'Kindling Cards' designed and made in Queensland using 100% post consumer recycled papers. With images of whales, chickens, secret gardens and store favorite

Thursday, October 09, 2008

latest novelty

Time to get snappy with your dressing? With names like 'Buster', 'Dimples', 'Kitty' and 'Junior' you'll take a step back in time. Giant tin, pin backed badges from the 1950's can go straight onto you sweater, jacket or cap. These all come in their original packets- and tagged as the latest novelty.
Well, Spring is truly here and it would seem that there are little babies popping up all over the place- congratulations to the new boys and girls. Perhaps a little something to brighten up their new home?
Who would have thought that something this cute would come out of the wood works? Just a few 1960's carnival ducks, you know the ones that are in the pool of water bobbing may even here them quack! 
We have a few more fabulous finds from yesteryear so do stop by and take a look.
Also, just out this week is the 'Inside Out' A - Z Shopping Guide. In an 8 x 4.5 cm space we are included! There even appears to be an asterix next to our store name! Woo hoo. With 400+ places of interest be sure to grab your copy! 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

melbourne and beyond

Above photos by Warwick Baker
The latest release from And Collective is 'A Place Tells a Story.' 
Filled from cover to cover with rich visual art, text and music allowing the reader a wide range to reflect upon.
Some places familiar others unknown. Including "Milk bars, street corners, neighborhoods, roads within the context of an increasingly globalised consciousness, reconnecting with locality and specificity...exploring these sites' histories and narrative; posing questions about their future..."
Including work from Warwick Baker, Tom Civil, Oslo Davis, Kubota Fumikazu, Rachael Wenona Guy, Andy Jackson, Kyle de Kuijer, Brigid McCarthy, Meg Mundell, Mandy Ord, Liza Power, Memuzin River, Lou Smith, Salote Tawale and Eve  Vincent. And sound by Perfect Black Swan, Nadia Combe, Bird Traps, Chris Smith, Lee Memorial and Jon Tihia.

Oh, and just to keep Holly Daze busier than normal they gave us the job to screen print 1000, yep, thats right, the 1000 dust covers that lovingly wrap each numbered edition.
Pop by and grab your copy while they last!
Above illustration by Kyle de Kuijer
Above: Limited Edition number, plus bonus c.d
Above: Almost there, 1000 recycled brown paper dust covers

Saturday, September 06, 2008

think fathers day

This weekend is time to celebrate the man in your life that perhaps taught you how to drive, hit a ball, draw, play a musical instrument, maybe play chess, to fix your car, help work on a maths problem, get the dog to sit, maybe even mix a cocktail? 
Otherwise, known as Dad, some will be fun, some old, some picky, others new. We have tried hard to put a list together to give everyone some here goes.
Kearnsie: Hello Badge: $25 each
Kearnsie, Souvenier Cufflinks: $125
Sterling Silver and Vintage Teaspoon.
Rewind Coffee/Coco and NYC Mug: Pack $70
Rewind Coffee or Coco individual canisters: $20
New York Ceramic Mug:$25
Small Rhino Gameboy Brooch: $39
Pretzel also available!
Chopped Magazine: $10
Locally produced Hot Rod and Custom Magazine.
Holly Daze: Cushions $90-$130
Screen printed and handmade at Five Boroughs

Mattt Bags:$48-$132
Handmade in Melbourne
Pancake Zoo Brooch: $18 
Resin brooches made in Japan.
So with that headful of information pop in and grab the man a little treat to say- 'thanks'!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

very local stockists

We love to support and showcase local makers, but now it's time to give our own products a plug. Some may already know that 'Five Boroughs' is also home for our label 'Holly Daze'. 
Housed behind the hinging door we have our studio which gives us a chance to make one off pieces and production run products and then place them straight into the store display, or send them off to one of our wholesalers.
With a newly updated print table we have started piecing together a few forgotten projects and production on some new items.
New doorstops, with the addition of the 'watermelon' colour way which is selling well with the 1950's inspired Atomic print. 

Thursday, August 07, 2008

can you spot the goodness? Issue #2

After a much anticipated wait, the latest issue of CHOPPED is now on sale.
This issue (#2) covers traditional hot rods and customs from Australia and U.S.A in these
feature articles:
* Kustom Nationals
* U.S.A from the vault
* Early Australian Hot Rodders
* Kustom Kulture weekend
* Day of the drags
* Australia from the vault
* How to: Metal flake

For those who haven't heard about this new magazine to hit the stands, it's been put together by three mates who grew up in Central Victoria- otherwise known as the hot rod Capital of Australia.
In the pages they'll show us car shows far and near, include images taken from back when hot rodding was in it's beginning and for all those who love a center fold they've even included one in this pocketful of rodding!

Friday, July 25, 2008

just the ticket

Whether you are dressing up or down, surly these are just the ticket to top off the outfit. Introducing vintage stud earrings and brooches, made in the studio behind us. Some are lovely and simple, others are fancy with pretty flowers and made of sweet shapes.   

Perhaps these are not for you, but what a great gift they'll make. Pop in and take a look.

Friday, July 04, 2008

dani m arrives in store

dani m has been designing and making objects, vessels and jewellery in Melbourne since 2001. Made from Southern Ice porcelain, all pieces have the lovely impressions of being made by hand, they feel soft to touch and are light to hold.
We have short cups, milk jugs and what could be used as either sake cups or little boiled egg cups. A new little product is the sweet, white spoon, perhaps just to make the first crack in the egg, and later to sprinkle with salt? Or, just lovely to hold and display.
And, so you don't just have to have useful items there is a beautiful range of faceted  jewels to keep the jewellery lovers happy- stud earrings and gorgeous pendants.
Colours are soft almost pastel, pinks, turquoise and blue with white and black to keep in touch perhaps with the Melbourne market and to complete the classic feel of these products.
You just may feel compelled to have to buy yourself a small collection.