Thursday, September 25, 2008

melbourne and beyond

Above photos by Warwick Baker
The latest release from And Collective is 'A Place Tells a Story.' 
Filled from cover to cover with rich visual art, text and music allowing the reader a wide range to reflect upon.
Some places familiar others unknown. Including "Milk bars, street corners, neighborhoods, roads within the context of an increasingly globalised consciousness, reconnecting with locality and specificity...exploring these sites' histories and narrative; posing questions about their future..."
Including work from Warwick Baker, Tom Civil, Oslo Davis, Kubota Fumikazu, Rachael Wenona Guy, Andy Jackson, Kyle de Kuijer, Brigid McCarthy, Meg Mundell, Mandy Ord, Liza Power, Memuzin River, Lou Smith, Salote Tawale and Eve  Vincent. And sound by Perfect Black Swan, Nadia Combe, Bird Traps, Chris Smith, Lee Memorial and Jon Tihia.

Oh, and just to keep Holly Daze busier than normal they gave us the job to screen print 1000, yep, thats right, the 1000 dust covers that lovingly wrap each numbered edition.
Pop by and grab your copy while they last!
Above illustration by Kyle de Kuijer
Above: Limited Edition number, plus bonus c.d
Above: Almost there, 1000 recycled brown paper dust covers

Saturday, September 06, 2008

think fathers day

This weekend is time to celebrate the man in your life that perhaps taught you how to drive, hit a ball, draw, play a musical instrument, maybe play chess, to fix your car, help work on a maths problem, get the dog to sit, maybe even mix a cocktail? 
Otherwise, known as Dad, some will be fun, some old, some picky, others new. We have tried hard to put a list together to give everyone some here goes.
Kearnsie: Hello Badge: $25 each
Kearnsie, Souvenier Cufflinks: $125
Sterling Silver and Vintage Teaspoon.
Rewind Coffee/Coco and NYC Mug: Pack $70
Rewind Coffee or Coco individual canisters: $20
New York Ceramic Mug:$25
Small Rhino Gameboy Brooch: $39
Pretzel also available!
Chopped Magazine: $10
Locally produced Hot Rod and Custom Magazine.
Holly Daze: Cushions $90-$130
Screen printed and handmade at Five Boroughs

Mattt Bags:$48-$132
Handmade in Melbourne
Pancake Zoo Brooch: $18 
Resin brooches made in Japan.
So with that headful of information pop in and grab the man a little treat to say- 'thanks'!