Thursday, December 24, 2009

and now the thank you

Almost finished another roll of string....must be time to close the doors.
We would like to send out a BIG thank you to all the lovely customers that have graced our store in the past 12 months. We have had such a great year, which we also celebrated our 2nd birthday in!
We wish you all a wonderful, safe break over Christmas and New Years Eve and look forward to seeing you all again in 2010.

The store we will be closed from 24th December and re open 12th January 2010.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

kearnsie originals

We warmly welcome back into store the ever popular 'Hello' brooches, the full range is available again. Pop in and pick one up, there's one for all of us!

An apple a day keeps the dentist away- well possibly not in this case....they may just want some of these beauties for themselves! Available as Red and Golden Delicious as well as Granny smith and the black version known as the Bad Apple!

Don't forget we're OPEN Tuesday and Wednesday 10am - 6pm and Thursday 10am - mid afternoon so pop in and find some great gifts.

Friday, December 18, 2009

still on count down

Melbourne can breath a sigh of relief as all the Rewind Coffee Canister favorites are back in store including the gift packs- just in time for Christmas, hip hooray!

But here are some other products in store to think about for your loved ones.
Above: We have just received a delivery from the super ceramicist Kenji Uranishi. Based in Queensland creating beautiful, fine dishes and pourers in soft blues, yellows and greens.

Above: Mingus Designs has given us a top delivery of textiles, including some great new messenger satchels, scarfs and purses. All made in Australia using gorgeous linens, hemps and cottons.

Above: Just a taster of what we have on offer from the clever duo known as 'Klei'.
Sterling silver and porcelain Rivet Rings, Porcelain and silver necklaces and brooches are just a few of the beautiful pieces from these two.

Friday, December 11, 2009

So, no reminders about just how close you know what is now....
We just thought some great gift ideas and showing off some swell NEW products, might help those out there that haven't started shopping, and those that are after some top shelf goodies for their loved ones!

Holly Daze hand printed linen/cotton Tea towels featuring vintage inspired illustrations. Also available in library totes and other design- you'll have to pop on in to see those!

Brunswick based Scotatto offers up gorgeous leather goods, starting with purses and pencil cases and also brooches, key-rings and hair ties.

New kid on the block Ask Alice has delivered us some super new products this week. Designed and printed in Melbourne on 100% recycled paper with ink made from vegies!
"Eco loving, tree hugging stationary".
These come as refillable journals, notebooks and square sketch books which have an assortment of paper including some vintage comic book pages- what inspiration!

Klei is well known for their beautiful use of sterling silver and porcelain in their jewellery range, they do however occasionally sway and use some stainless steel and have come up with the beauties- the animal kingdom.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new bits, pieces and makers

Well as the week has been getting hotter the Christmas stock has started rolling in, heres a little sneak peek.
Textiles from a talented new maker 'Rabbit and the Duck'. We have small purses, perfect for a few cards and notes, envelope clutches, big zip pouches and A5 refillable notebooks. They all feature gorgeous natural linens and a feature panel.
A5 notebooks are perfect for filling up with ideas and drawing and then change your insert to perhaps a 2010 diary insert....perfect once you've found the ideal cover- apples, babushka dolls, little houses or perhaps you choose to have a small taste of pears.

If you've already signed up in store to receive our newsletter then you'll know that we have just had a delivery of Christmas decorations from Tasmanian duo 'Dick and Dora'. Baubles, doves and stars, what a great way to get festive!
If you're not already on our mailing list to find out about our new makers, new stock, Christmas trading hours and other fun bits drop us a line and we'll make sure we keep you in the loop!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

light the way

We've had a great response regarding the 'Make Stuff' Tree lamps that were featured in The Age last weekend, so much so we've just had a new delivery of them. Pop by while the full range is in store and available.

Also this week we are happy to welcome LAB305, Melbourne makers x 7! They produce a great range of brooches, rings, studs and necklaces. We have their timber range in and already they're being pinned to shirts and wrapped as gifts. Making shapes other than birds, you could try cassette tape studs, a cup of fries brooch or a speaking bubble ring.... the choice is yours really!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

live to eat

Above; yummy Granola

Above, top photo: Vegetarian pho (rice noodle soup) And Celery, Carrot & lentil Soup

Top photo: couscous, chickpea & roast vegetable salad. Bottom photo: Pesto pasta salad

We are again happily welcoming some new stockist into store. The first is a new recipe book from 3 gorgeous, local girls with a passion for food- but even better it's vegetarian! With lovely photography and illustrations the book comes in it's own little calico bag, ta-da the perfect gift.
But one thing that makes this so much fun is the use of vintage fabrics, plates and cups, it feels like you're looking at photos from past dinner parties- however with some more styling!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

every bit special

We had a lovely visit from Red Cloud Design this weekend, not only to stop by and say a big 'hello' but also deliver us some goodies! Sweet little sterling silver charms turned into earrings and necklaces ready for your wearing. Some are blackened and some are made to have a pretty white/silver finish. We received some fabulous new larger pieces also, see below! Love the sailing ship pendant!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

right side round

We are long time readers of the beautiful, Aussie magazine Inside Out, Five Boroughs has featured between their covers before but make no exception to showing the latest offerings in this months pages.
You can see our very own cushions, in their bursting atomic print, and the ├╝ber cool Rewind Coffee canisters- yep, just like your grandma had! All available from...that address again, 345 Lygon Street, Brunswick East!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


We've casually been waiting for the latest delivery of ceramics, we were really excited when we met Samantha earlier in the year, who is the maker behind these fabulous, pastel cups that arrived this week.

Regulars will know that we're fans of the ceramic/paper mix up that has been coming out from busy ceramicists all around, but these beauties ticked more boxes coming in an array of super, sweet pastels to choose from as well!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

latest offerings

We have had a fun week receiving goodies from all different makers! Lucky us Christmas early...we have a fresh batch of the wonderful 'Rewind' coffee, including the great gift packs which include a canister of all their roasts and coco. Perfect for brightening up any kitchen.

Oh and we even received a box of goodies from 'Dani M'! Yay, this is exciting, we have a select range of water, espresso and sake cups from her and some decorative vases. Plus, some new pieces from her beautiful range of jewellery, could this girl be more talented?! Faceted studs in sterling and oxidised silver, swoon.

We have received some work from 'Shonah', gorgeous earrings made with resin, tasmanian timbers and fabrics as well as some of her fun brooches and necklaces.

And yesterday we got the latest offering from 'Milly' with a great new range of silver earrings, so pop on by and check out the recent goods.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

plain, plain but different

Mattt with the 3 'Ts' delivered another batch of bags to us this week and included in the delivery are the newest creations which we have a picture of below:

These are made in the same black, weather resistant fabric but instead of featuring one of the usual fabric print designs they are plain....why you may be thinking...but LOOK at the new straps! Included in the purchase of one of these new bags is TWO coloured straps...but wait there's CHOOSE which ones! You can go crazy and choose the brights, keep with Melbourne tradition and go black and grey, or perhaps keep it even with one coloured and one dark! Well you get the idea, yeah.
And we have a fatter, wider selection of the other regular bags as well, including the fabulous print of downtown Melbourne.

And, what a great gift for your dad! Remember...tomorrow!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the super duper design files

For the few people that haven't found the wonderful Melbourne based blog click, run, skip do whatever it takes to get there!
Lucy Feagins has shone a beautiful spot light on Melbourne for us, (this little ladies black book must be the envy of many!) From studio and shop visits Lucy has also managed to sweet talk the Melbourne folk into showing off their homes too- how lucky we are.

With a lovely format and a daily dose of design news and interviews we heart Lucy and her blog....and we had the pleasure of having her stop by our store and you can check it out here...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

in print

Creative types have been waiting for the follow up to the 'Handmade in Melbourne' publication since its first outing in late 2006.
With a few changes since then, the launch was a crowd pleaser, just two weeks ago and now we have welcomed the book onto our very own shelves.

This time around the covers have filled out to fit 200 Melbourne makers, to include ceramics, chocolates, textiles, lighting, furniture, beer and us! There are so many makers everyone will find their niche is surly covered. 
It comes complete with maker and business listings to help buyers find their perfect item.
We'll, you've found us now so pop in and grab yourselves a copy for the coffee table.

Friday, August 07, 2009

springtime scarves

Finally the days are getting longer, and this means less layers (soon). Not only have we received a wonderful new delivery of bags and purses from Mingus Designs we have also got our hot little hands on their new hemp and tencel scarves. With new designs like 'lovebirds', 'deer herds' and 'antelopes' they will certainly add some difference to any outfit!
They are available in cream, chocolate and olive.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

hot of the press

We have just received our delivery of the Melbourne Design Guide, we are super excited to paw over the pages filled with exciting talent, and new places to explore for eating and shopping. Designed with two front covers which work to separate the book into two parts, the first invites you to explore the design side that Melbourne has to offer including art, fashion, furniture, jewellery and architecture plus more! And then there is the 'Learn' which brings you into the world of the designers who call Melbourne home. The makers and designers that shy away from a more public platform. 
Either way you start you'll find it hard to put down! Plus yours truly has a write up, yay!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

ricco the rhinoceros and pals

If you have crept around the corner you may have noticed one of the new stockists we have...'basic shapes'. Melbourne based design team producing growth charts with a vintage feel. Measured in feet, watch the little ones grow and learn about Kendra the Koala and Carmel the Cow plus others. Available in yellow, orange, blue and lime they'll make a lovely addition to any childs bedroom.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Still working on some photos from our holiday, the last stop before leaving was L.A and a highlight was the Peterson Museum, a.k.a, big hall of cars! It was actually fabulous, we saw the Grease Lighting car, the Batmobile, heaps of amazing Presidential cars, the awesome fishbowl AMC Pacer from Wayne's World, crazy concept cars, the entire collection of HotWheels plus much more. Thought I'd share two picks from the day...  ok so the second one isn't really a car but what an (great) idea...The top image was only made as a concept at the time they wanted to suggest how an atomic-powered vehicle might be packaged if the technology existed. There was to be one centrally located wheel, although at low altitudes it was able to hover over land or water! A "protective curtain of energy" around the car would have reportedly made collisions impossible. They say that since the capability to manufacture a small nuclear reactor did not exist at the time it was not to make it on the road. Wow.

We took a walk from Santa Monica to Venice Beach, watched out for the high cut swimsuit clad lifesavers...non to be seen however there was some great shots of surfers.
Why don't our coffee shops look like this?

But by far the most exciting thing is the new addition to our shop, pop in and do step around the corner, we have put all the new goodies around there! Plus for those avid readers the FOURTH, thats right 4th issue of Chopped has finally landed! And more excitingly those who have enjoyed it so much will find that the boys behind it have decided to go quarterly with the publication! Even better!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're back!

So we're back open and want you all to pop through the door and see the new area in the shop!
To sweeten the deal we have some super new products too! 
We have new brooches made from vintage swap cards and resin, for the bird lovers! Made by Prudence and Horatio, here in Melbourne.
In the last post we made comment about a new stockist of handmade soaps, well to pamper yourselves during the colder months we have got them in! There are some beautiful floral fragrances, an Australian bush a Goats Milk for those with sensitive skin and a loofah for the gardners.  
We also have received the delivery of beautiful Rebound Books, so time for the novel, inspired drawings or perhaps recipes. Any other ideas?