Monday, June 28, 2010

So, another fine worsted wool scarf but this one also has a built in list for you! Perhaps you know the check list, maybe you sing it to yourself when you go to walk out the door?
Hat, shirt, undies, tie and socks, I just hope you can fill in the rest by memory!
Navy or faded green and cream.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Looking back to the early days this one came out in the first range, and the title pretty much sums it up Number 1. Now available in four colour ways and a beanie to compliment.

It's a great all rounder, you could happily share this with any member of the family- if you're prepared to!

For the modernists out there, this one is for you!
These beauties are made from a fine Australian lambswool and are available in navy and white or a soft green and white.

To compliment these take a look at the next collaboration from Amber B. Currently in California, the Australian born designer has been influenced by the sweet, innocence of a country childhood upbringing.
We have been lucky to receive two designs, the one above perfect for riding on your very own fixie! Available in navy & white or olive & white.

The second design is 'Lire entre les lignes'- to read between the lines. Made of 100% merino wool these are so lovely and soft to wear. Available in charcoal & pink, black & yellow or grey & slate in scarves and beanies.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Next collaboration comes from a Sydney based designer- Deuce Design. This scarf is made from merino lambswool, viscose and angora, called 'Tie Me Up'.
Like the tag suggests, "All over the world scarves are used as headpieces, short skirts, shoulder wraps, pillows, comforters, knee warmers and sometimes just a 'tie up'."

This one is a super soft, 2 colour, Jacquard knit in a cross stitch design and comes in yellow & lavender, slate & grey marle, indigo blue & berry and peach & charcoal.

Ok, so back to woolly goods, those who live in the local area (or any inner city suburb) are probably surrounded by development- some good, some bad. In Brunswick we still have a few actual factories producing an assortment of goods. So you might be asking what they have to do with a scarf- well, good design comes in many forms and the designs for 2 items in the range came from security frames on warehouses. Aptly named 'Grill' is a soft beanie made from lambswool (seen above) and back to 'Victor' whom comes from the city, Mitchell House in fact.

Brunswick E. factory inspiration for the 'Grill' beanie.

Above: 'Victor' scarf, in purple and slate. Available in natural, black, rust, red, green (as seen in previous post) and light beige. Made in gorgeous soft Lambswool/angora blend.

Below is the doorway into Mitchell house in the CBD, Melbourne.

'Sunday Morning' is a Melbourne based label with a strong focus on illustration, producing an assortment of products including the jewels as seen above, kitty cat lovers!
Colouring books, book plates as well as cotton knit pillowcases with illustrations of Owls and sleeping elephants. So enjoy a little bit of sunday morning.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

With the winter weather sending people inside it has meant that we have received some lovely new deliveries from makers, including this sterling silver jewellery from Brunswick based lass 'Milly'. Playing with textures and repetitive patterns this is fresh, new work for her as well!
It feels like the type of work that is worn and loved already, think favorite pair of jeans. Brushed finishes, slight oxidising you could mix and match, pick a single piece or combine a few perhaps spots and stripes!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thought it might be fun for those out there to see what people are buying. So, with a little convincing I got my first customer photo. This combination left the store on Sunday, a black and white 'Fleming', named so after the park in Brunswick E. and a 'Victor' in olive, (more on him later). Worn together, this is an indication of how cold it has been in Melbourne town already, and of things to come so drop by to pick up your winter woollies!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is #2 in the collaborative project, designed by local resident, 'Wendy Voon'. Pictured above is 'Pendant' brought to life in a combination of pure merino and wool acetate mix yarns.

The design is a twist on the traditional argyle, Voon has removed elements recreating an abstract version available in black & silver, beige green, grey marle & yellow, charcoal & ruby, grey & purple.

Otto & Spike were lucky to have Voon design not 1 but 2 scarves for the project, the second is a smaller but by no means lesser addition.
The preppy "scarvette" named after the 1967 movie "The Graduate" again sees the designer play with the argyle styling. Look at this number and think; "modern American classics, slim fit fronted chinos, single button cord jacket.....loafers- preppy".

An example of the colours available here:

The Graduate scarf- gorgeous colours! Check out the reverse patterning super cute.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

With a visit from a grandpa emanate this weekend it felt appropriate to blog about the woolly type as well!
This one is from the 'Otto & Spike' archives, but why let something this good rest?!
Seriously, these scarves are fabulous this season they have grown the colour range and the matching 'Squizzy' beanie is also available.
Red & Natural, Airforce blue & Natural, Orange & Caramel, Petrol & Grey, Faded green & Violet, Petrol & Aubergine, Bronze & Light beige, Indigo blue & Berry

Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it a scarf, is it a beanie....? Blotchwoman has combined the two to create a "headscarf". Available in 2 colourways; black/red/capri and charcoal/pink/juniper (pictured) and made with cashmere, fine wool, cotton and modal. Simply wear this as a scarf or when the cold hits pop on the hat as well, some have been known to get little horns whiles wearing!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do the Pixel Polka Dot! This scarf is one of the fine collaborations that came out of this years project put together at the Otto & Spike HQ.
The designer behind this is Rachel Kroussoratis who also completed an internship last year with O&S. This scarf sees a popping colour palette perfect for a cold winters days and draws on the designers love for strong graphics. Made with fine wool, modal and cashmere. Pop in colours, black/white, orange/brown, cerise/capri blue and pink/angel blue!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

a scarf a day keeps the cold away

Get ready for open seas with these little beauties, 'Drop Anchors' is straight from the Otto & Spike creators made using Australian and New Zealand premium surplus lambswool and available in a Shanty cloche, gorgeous chunky knit scarf and mittens!

Shanty cloche hat and ship mittens come in red/grey, lavender/grey, chocolate/sand and sky/yellow.
While the scarf is available in red/blue, bronze/beige, violet/sky, aubergine/grey marle and

Above: 'Shanty cloche hat' in red & grey, 'Ship mittens' sky & yellow 'Drop Anchors' scarf natural & berry

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

no need to be cold anymore

It's here, it's landed a studio full of gorgeous knitwear! Tubes, Sharpies, Grandpa's, Atomic Snow, Shanty, Bikes, beanies, hats, scarves, long gloves, short gloves, fingerless gloves.

Phew, we're wall to wall premium surplus Australian and New Zealand lambswool, angora as well as premium surplus Australian silk, cashmere, fine wool and cotton.
Diary dates: 8th June - 11th July ONLY

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Otto & Spike **Pop Up Shop**

So, it's cold now and we've received a delivery of wintery goods from our local friends 'Otto & Spike' we've had great rushes of people keen to see the collaborative and new seasons work, so you might ask why another blog entry.....well starting Tuesday 8th we will have converted the 'Holly Daze' studio into a Pop Up Shop. Behind the great New York mural we will have a wintry, cardboard wonderland with the entire range from 'Otto & Spike'.

So if you've been in and not seen something you like its a guarantee that in the next month should we see you again there will be an item to tickle your fancy.