Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just what your jacket needs this winter

NEW IN STORE. We are excited about these little gems, accessories in the shapes of gameboys, pretzels, biscuits and birds!
We warmly welcome 'Small Rhino' hailing from Tasmania and producing beautifully packaged wooden brooches and necklaces.
Made of engraved timber and finished with enamel colour detail.
There are three birds available with Art Deco styling, a dove, sparrow and a cardinal in grey tones or original black and white.
And to go alongside, see the edible goodness of 'biscotto', everyones favorite beer snack the 'pretzel' and the vintage 'gameboy' .
Pop in and check out the goodies.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

are we cold yet?

We love 'Otto and Spike' and it would seem that a number of other Borough dwelling peeps follow us in supporting their enthusiasm, in collecting beautiful yarns and creating yummy woolen knits to keep us toasty during winter.
This week we had a window display set up to show off their good work! We love it so much we're trying to work out how we can make one to keep! Stop by and check out their work soon.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Vintage books & worn out jeans

This collection of 'Rebound' recycled hardback books are nothing new to five boroughs, but will always be a product that we are proud to represent, not just because they are made by dear friends but also for their sheer brilliance. 

Preloved books with spines and pages removed are rebound using 100% tree free paper made from recycled denim. 
Pages are blank for notes and drawings, but some of the original pages are still present for curiosity's sake.
Just to make sure nothing is wasted, the spines are then reinvented into bookmarks.

Check out our ever changing collection.