Friday, February 29, 2008

resin jewels

Five Boroughs welcomes a new comer this week- Brunswick based jeweller, 'Marguerite'. 
Using lovely vintage fabrics to create buttons, brooches, pendants, earrings and cufflinks. We took a few snaps to give you something to dream about over the weekend. 
Buttons are made so you can sew them on to any crafty project you may be doing and are able to even go through your washing machine! Happy people.
Earrings come with sterling silver studs. Cufflinks have plated silver backs. 

Thursday, February 21, 2008

cherry blossom bells

Off to Sydney for a family wedding on the weekend, our big brother was getting hitched. His wife is Japanese and they had a cherry blossom theme. 
The gathering was at the yacht club at Rushcutters, over looking the harbour.
They had perfect weather and a good handful of little helpers. 
They are lucky enough to know a fabulous chef who pitched in and made a hundred cupcakes pictured above.

This is mum san, who travelled all the way from a little island off the bottom of Japan, travelling with an aunt, cousin and nephew- called Zen who at three years old and dressed in a  matching Hawaiian suit had all the ladies falling over themselves.

The evening was full of celebrations and happy tears, but back to work now and its great to be a sister in law.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

polka dot joy

All the way from Jackson, Wyoming (U.S.A) come these spiffy wheel-thrown polka dot mugs and bowls by Peeling Ceiling pottery. 
Hand crafted from gloss, glazed clay making for a lustrous green lining and the choice of robin egg blue or charcoal polka dot, the pair will make even an early monday morning breakfast a joy.
Walk on in and collect yours here, now.

Friday, February 08, 2008

in the sweet bye & bye

As you can see it is shaping up to be a birthday of books, we have so much hanging on our walls, it seems fitting to fill up our new shelves.
The next addition is the Margaret Kilgannen: in the sweet bye & bye. Our attention was grabbed from the front cover through to back where the soft colours meet embossed leaves. The essay, interviews and images all a joy to be read and viewed. The colours, typography and shapes are beautiful and we have already inspired to get busy. A wall mural was started a few weeks ago and now it might be time to crack out the paints and get working again.

pigeon 177

Next present for the artist is the second book in Tim Biskups' series of paintings. The series started in 1999 when Biskup couldn't sustain larger paintings and turned his attention to little doodles on postage stamp sized scraps of illustration board. The project has since developed into a series of 500 business card sized paintings, called "Jackson 500" named for his grandfather whose middle name they share.
Above is 'pigeon 177' a favorite so far.

rocket 88

For those who don't already know, today we are celebrating a birthday in house! So we thought we would show off the gift giving that went on this morning while we also enjoyed a lush spread of cakes from the local bakery.
Perfect gift for the library collection on chrome. As the very fine example of chrome that we own is still in pieces and has been for the past 3 years we needed something else beautiful to have a geezer at. Cuba, being a vintage car lover's paradise. Until the 1960's Cuba was the world's leading importer of American automobiles. It is estimated that there are as many as ten thousand mid-century American cars that still exist in Cuba, making the country perhaps the world's largest living automotive museum.   

Rocket 88 another super example of the lost era of motoring with excellent chrome accessories. From the 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88, which had a chrome rocket as its hood emblem. Oldsmobile ads described their car as "long and low-level, lithe and so lovely!...and the driver should be advised that the "Rocket" engine responds instantly to your every wish!"
Below shows off the Mechanic Shop where a 1951 Buick Special is being restored.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

fuel prices

For all those that complain about the current price of fuel. 
This artwork may help you recall the times when fuel was 38 cents per Gallon.

Artwork by 'Holly Daze', acrylic paint and silkscreen print on cotton.
610 mm x 760 mm  $215
Print design was inspired by vintage fuel price signs that hang in our garage.