Sunday, May 18, 2008

squizzy tailor territory, 3057

Out from the depths of Brunswick comes another label that is sure to be made a household name in no time- Otto and Spike. We are happy to welcome the brand which hails from literally around the corner. 
Proud of their heritage they are producing a number of beautifully finished products using machinery from far back as 1890 with the newest from 1990. In fact one of the machines has been knitting beanies for 115 years! 
With recycling on almost everyones mind these clever people have even found a way of getting premium, surplus New Zealand yarn to use alongside technical man made fibers, to produce their garments from.
We are now stocking the 'Squizzy' hat- which has a similar shape to those worn by women in the 1920's and carries the finishing touch of a sweet, colour matched buckle.  The hat is also lined with a fleece making it extra lovely and warm.
The 'Grandpa' scarf, who is known as the soul mate to Squizzy, are both knitted from 100% Merino Lambswool and Shetland Pure New Wool.  The design for the scarf was inspired by a blanket that was found at an Op Shop. It turned out a WW2 Veteran had made it during their rehabilitation, a part of their therapy included weaving. So, the design was converted from a weave to a knit and makes for a lush warm scarf. A homey scarf available in: Forest, Golden, Cherry and Airforce.

Next, some may think the maker has a preference for, as they have labelled it 'Number 1'. Knitted on their 1070's "Lucky" machine it is made as one long tube and measuring a whopping 185cm allowing the wearer to wrap, fold or pin in lots of different ways, with the 
icing on the cake being that the ends have been left open which means when it's really icy you can pop your hands away out of the cold wind! Made in soft grey/black stripes that increase in size, it is sure to match anything you're going to wear this winter. 
Ta da they've thought of it all! 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

hook, line and sinker- what a collection

Well, after ruling, drilling and then twisting in 319 gold plated cup hooks we finally have our wall of keyrings completed. Well completed in the sense of any good collector- until the next one comes along!
There are some favorites, some of which were included in the previous post. These are mostly from the 1950s and are of Dutch decent. There are little promotional packages of foods, bottles, lots of hair spray, toilet paper, biscuits, fobs and a few cup hooks that are still empty!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

which bag will you get?

And the winer this week is the kustom.....
For those that have already shopped at Five Boroughs you will have noticed the hand drawn, recycled brown bags that all your goodies are packed into, and for those that haven't heres but a snippet of the illustrations hand drawn onto each of the bags.
Naughty children, spanners, a bit of typography or maybe a pelican! 
New in store: we have just received a delivery of colour from our friend in the good 'ol USA Maplexo, these will help brighten up your day!
A new stockist is providing us with inspiration for warm meals and ideas to fill our bellies; The Hungry Girls Cookbook, now available, Volumes 1 and 2.

Winter vegie pasties- below.