Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Take the time to Rewind


Rewind coffee beans are roasted in Australia and come foil packed in a canister that is airtight, stackable, and reusable. 
A homage to the kitchen canister of yesteryear, Rewind have got the colour hues spot on, plus the silver foil script makes it a kichen deco that will stick around for years after the coffee is enjoyed.
Six sexy varieties are available: CREMA DELUXE, BOMBA BOLD, LUNA NOVA, ULTRA ESPRESSO, DYNA DECAF, and a drinking chocolate COCO SMOOTH
Available individually as well as a gift boxed sample pack of six.

Take the time to Rewind


Lucy said...

hey Steph... I just posted about Rewind Coffee and linked to you... such lovely packaging! Thanks for sharing :) (ps also I love those polka dot ceramics... you guys find such unique things...) Lucy x

hokey said...

Wow! The packaging is so good. Would look great in my house, Pity I don't drink coffee and I'm a vegan. Damn.

petapledger said...

Where-can-I-buy-this-coffee-pleease? (Peta faints at the sheer beauty of this product - thud!).

Funky Finds said...

wonderful packaging!