Sunday, April 06, 2008

and the hours

I found it quite hard to capture the hours, as Sunday is such a beautiful day and the sun is shining bright! Mmm lovely.
You can see a bit of our hand screen printed wallpaper which sits behind the door. It kind of looks like millions of tiny umbrellas or little mushrooms- but then some people thinks it looks like little spaceships! What ever takes your fancy.

This week we received a box of goodies from our Tasmanian friends take a peek below. The necklaces are made of lovely little wooden beads strung onto ribbon with a great acrylic bird cage and bird cut out. They all come in their own little gloss white box- super!

Along with those goodies we got another delivery of their plain painted beads in red, white and natural. And another great selection of the brooches they do- thank you!

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