Thursday, April 29, 2010

and on with the year

Okay, enough of the baby! We are all doing very well and the shop is in full swing, we have had more work delivered by current makers and even a few new people!

Above: PeepingTom | Paper gift cards

We have a gorgeous new card range 'Peeping Tom | Paper' and jewellery from 'Brooke Johnston Design' who uses vintage fabrics to fashion hook and stud earrings as well as hair pins.

Above: Brooke Johnston Earrings

The ever creative 'Mattt' has delivered us a fab new range of his shoulderbags, and with this delivery we have seen some updates, one to mention is the popular mini shoulder bags now have internal pockets (mobiles/wallets/pens).
We also have two NEW styles a travel zip pouch, perfect for those few special items for the weekend away or perhaps an everyday pencil case or make up bag...and at the other end of the scale is the oversize shoulder bag. This is big enough to carry a 15" laptop features extra internal pockets and (listen up mums) has been a very popular alternative as a nappy bag, tres chic! And to quote Matts website write up "basically if what you want to carry won't fit, you probably shouldn't be carrying it on your shoulder."

Fabrics available include locally printed 'Ink and Spindle' organic cotton and hemp canvas (top right & middle fabrics). Julie Patersons label 'Cloth' on the bottom row and the Melbourne Map which is a digital print by Michelle Mackintosh, top left. More available in store.

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