Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ok, so back to woolly goods, those who live in the local area (or any inner city suburb) are probably surrounded by development- some good, some bad. In Brunswick we still have a few actual factories producing an assortment of goods. So you might be asking what they have to do with a scarf- well, good design comes in many forms and the designs for 2 items in the range came from security frames on warehouses. Aptly named 'Grill' is a soft beanie made from lambswool (seen above) and back to 'Victor' whom comes from the city, Mitchell House in fact.

Brunswick E. factory inspiration for the 'Grill' beanie.

Above: 'Victor' scarf, in purple and slate. Available in natural, black, rust, red, green (as seen in previous post) and light beige. Made in gorgeous soft Lambswool/angora blend.

Below is the doorway into Mitchell house in the CBD, Melbourne.

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