Thursday, January 17, 2008

we are happy to serve you

Welcome to the Ceramic version of a New York icon.
Designed in 1963 in a Greek Cafe, 180 million paper cups are sold each year in the New York area. 
These ceramic versions are produced by a premium, ethical manufacturer, certified lead free. The design of the rim, coupled with a hollow base allows one to comfortably drink a hot beverage without requiring a bulky handle.
They can be heated in a microwave and washed in a dishwasher.
They come packaged in printed gift boxes. 
Available now at our store. 

1 comment:

petapledger said...

My husband & I were in New York in 2006.

I spotted the 'real thing' at a pizza place where we were having lunch.

Upon paying, I asked the guy serving me if I could have/buy an empty cup and lid to take home as a souvenier.

I will never forget the puzzled look on his face as he held it up and said "This?, a souvenier??, here ya go, just have it". Shaking his head in amazement.

Peta :-)