Saturday, April 26, 2008

warm welcome to sir rabbit and friends

Looking for some affordable art for your walls? Look no further, 'stick meon' has come up with some fabulous vinyl creatures to adorn your walls, whether you are renting (no nails) or doing up your childs bedroom (or in fact your own!) we now have the range available. These will surely catch your imagination and soon you'll have little birdies fluttering above doorways and rabbits dressed for dinner popping out from behind your couch.
Proudly made and designed in Melbourne, 'ho hum-hummingbirds', 'peeping cardinals', well dressed 'Sir rabbit' in floral or spotted jackets and the 'oh little bird.'
Keep your eyes peeled as they are sure to fly, and hop out the door!  

1 comment:

Dick and Dora said...

Fantastic! Eeny meeny miny mo ...